Monday, February 28, 2011

RULES OF LOVE .... my thinking ....

'i'm a silly girl ... N yesss.... i will b silly girl forever... WINK!!WINK!!WINK!!!
i love to used tis sentence when i was angry or try too make him think back abt wat he already did to me.. or wat have i done to him... LOL

some time we need to act like we stupid or silly jst to make PERSON tat we LOVE know HOW MUCH WE CARE ABT THEM.. sometime time... weather...season ... might cause a lots of MISS UNDERSTANDING among LOVER... but .. if there is HAVE LOVE in between 2 LOVER... nothing will happend!!! trust me...

tats wat happen to me n MY LOVER. Coz we LOVE each other... nothing can change tat feeling.. I admit sometimes feel tired wth all the argue n miss understanding... n sometime miss communication... but all i know is..... I LOVE HIM ... n off couse i do know n feel his LOVE for me too.... He jst PERFECT for me.. ONLY for me... N one one else will understand him like i did... WINK ... am i right sayang??? KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.....

to all lover outside there...
pls know ur LOVER n KNOW abt ur self tooo... PLS dont asked people to love U if u dont know how to love ur self. When u love ur self n u will know how to love ur LOVER gud.... coz sometimes we dont realise tat we know nothing abt ur self n its might made you dont know how to behave n we do hurt each other by tat...!!! tats a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy BAD things!!!!

p/s- don't forgot to learn how to make ur LOVER happy... wth the small surprise.. n sweet note.. ur lover mst b so vey touching n its will grow the LOVE to each other tooo..... ( tis NOTE for MY sayang tooooo... wink ;) )

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