Sunday, February 27, 2011


C.I.N.T.A .... What is all about. it's really hard to describe abt it....
it's hve no color... No flavor... no shape look ...its jst a feeling
tats only u can understand it..

LOVE can make u smile... love can give u strange ... give some energy ... its like u hve a vry gud multivitamin . LOVE can make u grow ... never ever LOST your LOVE.

If u hve found a LOVE ... n u know tat she /he is the only one who can make u happy.. the only one who can make u crazy .... n if u know u cannot leave a life without him / her.. pls dont waste ur time.. go n get her / him . Never ever let something stupid be in the middle of both of you..
if tat hapend ..... n u let it happens n never try to stop it.... u will regret for whole ur life.. coz love is something u connot find when u keep searching.... n u cannot get it back when u already stop believe on it...

to me ... love him is so special. coz he make me know my self.. make me know wat i want. make me believe in wat i feel n doing.the most important is I LOVE TO B IN LOVE WTH HIM....

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