Saturday, November 5, 2011

My train journey ~ part one

Tired of thinking ... i jst pack my stuff n asking kiddo either they want to hve a TRAIN trip N hve holiday wth me... They soooo Xcited n never know tat i jst drag them to somewhere that i also x know hows everything ....
After get the ticket.. i keep thinking wat is the reason n why should i make a trip. But till now i x find any reason.
With no experience abt treval wth train ... Kids look Xcited .. but me... really x know how i feel.
Perjalanan ke PANTAI TIMUR really frightened me .. 

i meet up wth one lady.. aged 36y. look so nice in her baju kurung. Her doughter aged 9 seat next to abang. Adik n me sit together. I do asked her few thing abt Train trip. They really look soooo Xcited to go home... wth her 5 kids. She also alone wthout his man. wth the same reason ... 'MY HUBBY IS SO BUZY ' i jst smiled when she tell me tat.

But wat so interesting abt my journey is ... i hve been teling tat TRAIN will be full LOAD coz end week . LIke long vacation n i x know how i can forget about hari RAYA HAJI IS jst around the corner. Means me n kiddo stuck here wthout celebration . WOW...

N yes... at every station we drop ... there is A LOTS of people keep coming in. They never care abt having SEAT in the train. they jst wanna go home... if wthout ticket.. they hve no seat. have to stand all the way journey n some of the hve sit on the floor n wat more surprise me is THEY hve to pid EXTRA wth palnalty... but still they never care.
N wat so sweet is they is frm different  town .... different city ..... but they r soooo kind to each other.. so friendly... help each other...

Why everybody so Xcited to go home..... but why I'm never feel like tat ....

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