Sunday, June 8, 2014

new story .. new begining ...

lama dah aku x singgah sini . Bz ngan mcm2. FB lah.. Ig lahhh ... PUHMM lah .. kids lah ... promo mee sanggul lah ... mee zafran lah... telekung lahhh.. tudung lahhh ... sambal itam lahhhh... Wahhhhh look like i realy bz ya??? 

do i have time to write again? Writing is my interest. i love to write .. to let it out wat i have in my mind . but sometime ... i have no time to b me ... i have no time for sleeping tooo.....

i have tis blog since 2003 or maybe 2004 ...  not much i wrote here. x know wat to share ... but now i wanna start it again... last time i dream abt to publish my writing. i do wrote a love story between Sebastian n Sarah. Tats my imagination of two people wth 2 diffrent religion . two different country.. but ONE feeling ... LOVE.

i believe love can do everything .. Love have power like a magic. I believe Sara Love can Made Sabestian leave everything he have ... but end of the story ... i realies ... there is more other things tat important to Sabestian ... his God n His believe . i b not fair to him. i jst put my self to Sarah . We know tat love n women can make man will do everything . but its wrong ... its not fair .. Sabestion have his own life.. own believe ... As a writer .. i want a very gud ending to my story .. i want to make Sarah n Sabestian stay together in a very strong love to each other ... 

LOVE is not all about what Sarah feel to Sabestian...  but still i have to consider what Sabestian feel for Sarah. If Sarah have to choose between Sabestian n her religion ... so do Sabestian . 

both of them love each other .. but in other way others love them both. Sarah have her family who realy broken . She is dreaming abt to have Mr Nice guy coz she is living wth her hubby who was born not to be her dreams guy . He gud n so nice but he so cold like an ice . He have no worries abt Sarah . coz he know Sarah is can take care of everything ... 
Sabestian .. my nice guy , also have broken family. His wife is not lovely women like Sarah . She very tuff and she can do everything n anything. She not so gals like Sarah . but she is wat she is .. n tats not a reason for Sabestian to walk away frm situation. He still the man of the house .. n Sarah still the lady of her hse .

what make i think i can used the broken marriage to make Sarah n Sabestian stay together? i try to make Sarah is gud to Sabestian n do make Sabestian gud for Sarah. but end of the story i still dont know how to make them b together .. they both hve issue. Sarah muslem n Sabestian Chirstian . 

i really want to make tis story like the other story. yes.. i want to let people know Sabestian convert to muslem n he happy doing tat for the Sarah .. Coz Sarah is his dreams gal. He want to be wth women who need his care.. need his love... Sarah also want to be wth Sabestian.. She need man who can love n take care of her ... but Sarah will never want to make Sabestian convert bcoz she know he will never do tat .. 

Love is jst love .. its come n go. but Sarah LOVE Sabestian vry much .. she let Sabestian stay wth wat he believe since he was born. She pray for Sabestian happines. When she find up tat Sabestian find a women which same Chiristian Like him... she let Sabestian go... n pray for his hapiness . To her.. when Sabestian happy ... she b happy tooo... she will alwayz b the best best gal to Sabestian.. alwayz n forever.

the End ~

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